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Taking care of your car is easier than ever with these tips!

Driving a car in India is soon going to be recognised with the World’s most challenging tasks! While we may be joking, maintaining a car is equally challenging what with the extreme weather conditions (rains in November!), dust, smog and so on within the time frame of a week! Plus, with the sky-rocketing prices of fuel, we want better mileage as well. It is important to remember that higher mileage can be achieved simply by keeping your car efficient and driving it using basic hacks.

Well, as they say, those who don’t like challenges can’t drive in India. C’mon, we did not make that up now, did we? A healthy car and happy wife translates to a happy life! So, let’s have a look at simple hacks to maintain your car.

1. Air pressure

One of the most important things while driving is to keep your car at the air pressure suggested by the manufacturer. We all have felt the bumps and jerks too hard just because the air pressure is over the recommended limit. It can also be dangerous while driving at high speeds over 100Km/h leading to tyre bursts. We have also experienced the drag at times due to low air pressure. This leads to underperformance and both the outcomes are undesirable.

2. Cover the car

Who doesn’t like to see their car in the open being flaunted rightfully giving that sense of fulfilment? However, it would be intelligent of you to cover it when not being used frequently to protect it from dust that is altogether a norm in almost all the parts of India

3. Filter cleaning

As we were speaking of dust, one of the major complaints received for non-working AC by our mechanics at Car mechanics online is of clogged AC duct and completely dust-filled filters of the AC. The replacement of filters is highly expensive and they should be cleaned at least every 5000kms.

4. Clean fogged windows

Windows fogging up is pretty natural, especially in the winters, rains and is naturally very annoying and risky. The water vapour/dew condenses on the cold glass surface and the windows of the vehicle hampering visibility. You can apply your regular toothpaste to solve this problem by cleaning the windshield after spreading it evenly. Use a wet cloth to wipe the toothpaste and clean the glass surface. This will help you keep the windshield fog-free for a long time. 

5. Regular car servicing

Servicing the car from time to time should be a ritual but even more important is finding a trustworthy mechanic who can do justice to your car. Be it oil change or tyre rotation, greasing of the clutch and gear pedal or PUC, it should be done through a verified and trusted mechanic. At car mechanics online approved mechanics, we ensure background checks and focus highly on the standardisation of processes right from car cleaning to denting, painting to engine tune-ups.

6. Correct gear changes

Ad hoc and sudden bursts of acceleration can reduce your car’s efficiency quickly. Always accelerate your car with the appropriate gear in mind remember, the higher the gear, the better the average.

It is a known fact that driving in lower gears eats up more fuel. Driving at 30Km/h in the second gear will give you the thrill but your fuel will feel the kill. Your mileage will go up if you keep your RPM needle in between the 1500-2000 range i.e drive at around 80 km/ph in 5th gear for most cars.

That’s it from CMO at the moment. We will be back with more hacks to improve fuel efficiency in the next blog. Drive safe!