10 tips to prepare your car for the Monsoon rains


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Monsoon car care tips

1. Tyre treads: Check tyre treads as car tend to lose grip on wet road surfaces.

2. Wiper & Washer: Check wiper blades as they wear out quite fast. Also, keep the wiper washer bottle topped up with mild detergent for better visibility.

3. Car battery: Ensure your car battery is in good condition. Protect it from moisture by applying a coat of petroleum jelly on its terminals.

4. Check the wiring: Improper wiring or those with the insulation peeling off have a good chance of shorting, especially when they come in contact with water, and that can be a safety hazard to you and others as well. 

5. Brake-pads & discs:  If you’re not happy with the brake response and stopping distance- you should immediately check brake pads & brake discs.

6. Car exterior & interior: Rainwater can adversely affect your car’s body paint, hence apply a wax coat to protect it. Greasing all the door hinges is also necessary. Also, use anti-corrosion spray on exposed metal areas.

7. Check the car lights: Car lights come in handy during the day, as it tends to get darker during the rainy season. Ensure that all the lights of the car are functioning properly which include the parking lamps, headlamps, tail lamps, brake lights, fog lights, number plate lights and turn indicators.

8. Check the windshield: During monsoons, a tiny crack on the windshield can make life miserable. Water can seep through such tiny cracks and dampen the car interiors. Even the small scratches made by the wiper blades can let rainwater inside the car. Therefore, make sure you fix the windshield before starting the car this rainy season.

9. Spares: The monsoons can be incredibly unpredictable at times, hence it's good to have spares for components such as the wiper blades and fuses on hand.

10. Pre-monsoon service: Your car has undergone great vagaries during the summer months, tolerating the scorching heat during those long drives when the sun rays were dazzling. Thus, the best idea would be to take your car to a garage for a proper checkup. Servicing is essential before your vehicle is made to face all the waterlogged roads and heavy traffic zones. Make sure that the service centre performs a good check on the car’s battery and brakes.