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Mumbai’s most reliable car repair & service startup

Know the story of Mumbai’s most reliable car repair & service – Car Mechanics Online. Consumer Technology is reshaping the way we live our lives. And yet for one of the most basic services – car service and repair we still lack standardized services and reliable outfits. In a bid to streamline the unorganised service sector of automobile Car Mechanics Online was founded in April 2018, by an Engineer from Mumbai. 

There are around 2 million cars on the streets of Mumbai but no local garages operate with standard cost, structure or comparison for car owners in Mumbai. With thousands of parts for each brand/variant/model and little knowledge about the fault in the car, car owners have no option but to trust their local mechanics. This led to the birth of Car Mechanics Online. 

Car Mechanics Online – an on-demand Car Repair & Services in Mumbai, your answer to – ‘garage nearest to me’, ‘mechanic car near me’, ‘car service centres near me’, ‘services on cars’, ‘car repairing shop near me’, ‘car services near me'. The moto is to bring convenience and transparency to every car owner by streamlining and standardizing servicing and repair of automobiles at an economical cost. 


USPs: 1. Dedicated executive for car service and repair to ensure work is done right.

2. Live Updates are shared with the car owner.

3. Free Pick-Up and Drop Service so that the car is ready while you are in the office or enjoying the weekend with family 

4. Trusted garages & skilled mechanics 

5. Pocket-friendly compared to any service centres.

6. Genuine parts and service warranty.


THE JOURNEY: Whether its service industry or local garages, there is no standard process or cost and if the car owner has no/little knowledge, he is bound to get into a never-ending loop of repairs and spends. After doing thorough market research for 2 years by meeting hundreds of car owners, understanding their requirements and problems as well as meeting hundreds of mechanics/garage owners/service centre employees to understand the complex dynamics of the sector. Car Mechanics Online was formed with a business model of providing convenience and transparency to car owners and trained, streamlined services to local garages. They tied up with garages in Mumbai and trained them with their modus operandi. Executives were hired to handle each service and provide live updates. 


24 X 7 BREAKDOWN ASSISTANCE: Another area that the company is working on is to provide 24X7 Breakdown assistance in Mumbai. Started around a year ago, the operations are quite simple. The customer calls in with details about their car, location problem etc. and a mechanics reaches the location in about 20-25 minutes to fix the problem for the night. If the problem is extensive, the car is towed to nearest garages, fixed next day and delivered to customer location. The helpline number is active 24X7 for any queries. WHAT’S NEXT? Focusing on Mumbai for now, Car Mechanics Online is expanding the operations around Mumbai i.e. Thane, Navi Mumbai and Palghar. 


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